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I will let this amazing review do all talking.

 Roberto and his team at Love It Films are hands down the BEST cinematographers in the wedding industry.

 Wow. Where do I begin? Coming from a videography background, I always knew I’d be picky of who I chose to shoot our wedding. We explored quite literally 80+ options but were not confident until we finally came across Roberto’s videos. The way his wedding videos capture in picture-perfect ways the emotions by utilizing crystal clear audio and tear-jerking lines from speeches to the 4k quality, the angles and shots in which at any second the audience can pause the video and would see a frame-worthy scene, the beautiful instrumental soundtracks he’d incorporate to deliver the elegant yet nostalgic and emotional ambience, all of this and more led us to that first phone call with Roberto. As soon as we started talking on the phone my heart felt at ease and I knew he was our guy.


 Roberto is hands-down one of the chillest people I’ve ever met. Man, just talking to him and his assistant Rafael would always have me doing double-takes at just how easy-going, relaxed, calm, cool, and collected these guys were. And the way they catered to our wedding weekend was absolutely incredible. Shooting and capturing a four-day long South Asian wedding with hundreds of people, many locations, a bunch of traditions, all while being cognizant, mindful, and respectful of different cultural norms and boundaries is no easy feat. But Roberto and Rafael would drive an hour down every day for 4 days in a row and capture each event with incredible grace. They’d always arrive early with plenty of time to setup, scope out the scene, mic-up everyone giving speeches, and were always there to cater to our so-many requests (which I always felt bad about since they’d be so sweet and kind about making sure we were satisfied). We were blown away when we received our next day 60-sec trailer. I can probably play the entire thing in my head because of how many times I’ve binged it. I’ve walked in on my wife watching it so many times as well. It pretty much became a part of our daily routine. 


 Roberto and his team transported us back to our wedding weekend in ways I didn’t think were possible. All the emotions came rushing back as we watched our highlight film – the tears, the laughs, everything. He even delivered to us FOUR HOURS worth of content, ALL in HD 4K quality, color rendition, and professionally edited to take us back to the core memories and nostalgia of each event. Like what?? Everything he and his team provides is rare, unique, beautiful, professional, and is done with excellence. I wish absolutely nothing but the BEST for them and genuinely and sincerely hope that anyone and everyone chooses Love It Films as their videographer for any and all events. P.S. A week before our wedding, I asked Roberto in a day’s notice if he could drive to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota to shoot our engagement/proposal photoshoot (compensated ofc), and he did so with no hesitation, which also provided us a breathtaking video that we’ll cherish forever.

-Abrar I.

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